Timothy Fisher
Developer | Leader | Mentor

Professional Summary

I am a passionate developer and leader with 29 years of software development experience in roles including Chief Technology Officer, VP of Engineering, Chief Architect, and Director of Mobile Development, along with many years of hands-on development experience.

My skill-set ranges from business and management experience and knowledge to hands-on development expertise. While at heart I will always be a developer, I am also passionate about innovation, growing and leading teams and setting a technical vision for a company. I have a great deal of experience in the areas of full-stack web development, mobile development and scalable architecture. I am also well versed in Agile methodologies.

I am also passionate about educating, mentoring, and building communities of practice. I have been an evangelist for great software development in the Detroit area for many years. I am the founder and organizer of the Technology Mentorship Community for Michigan. I also enjoy technical writing. I am the author of two published books, the Java Phrasebook and the Ruby on Rails Bible.

Independent Projects
Roku Remote  

This is a cross-platofrm desktop app built using the Electron JavaScript framework. The app functions as a remote control for Roku devices.


JavaScript, Electron
Resume Builder  

Resume builder built in Ruby using Middleman. Generates HTML and PDF resume views from resume data stored as YAML.


Ruby, JavaScript, Middleman
Personal Portfolio  

A landing page suitable for a developer or other professional. Uses the ruby-based Middleman project. Deployed at http://www.timothyfisher.com


Ruby, Middleman, JavaScript
Etsy API Gem  


Ruby, Etsy Developer API

More projects...